Chiama Dove Siamo

Salina is an interesting island as far as fishing is concerned, also. Fishing tours on board traditional fishing boats, are among the services offered by Residence Salina to tourists and visitors who love the sea and everything about it.

Fish tourism aims at spreading the culture of the sea and the heritage of knowledge and tradition of marine jobs, and is an opportunity for tourists to spend a typical day on board a fisherman boat, fishing and listening to tales and legendary stories, it is an opportunity for fishermen too. To enjoy delightful company and increase a bit their low earnings.

Fish tourism, cultural interest and love for sea

Residence Salina offers a kind of fish tourism that can vary depending on seasons and areas, can be short boat tours along coasts, lagoons and lakes, to observe the activities of artesanal fishing, or professional, or food service on board including all activities aimed at spreading the island culture.

No doubt, fishing tours are among the most interesting activities to do in the island, and excursions to do by car or boat rent, and wine tasting.

All the fishermen that provide this service, are kind and reliable people, on whose faces can be read legends of untouched and enchanted places, on whose hands can be seen the hard job that goes with a natural passion for fishing, on whose eyes can be found the love for the sea, the sea, and yet the sea.

Fish tourism is now a common activity in all Aeolian islands, but Salina offers fish tourism experiences that should not be missed.